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Miami Beach Real Estate

Miami Beach Real Estate has traditionally been the premier market for investment in oceanfront condos and luxury single family homes. Here in Miami Beach, you'll find luxury estates, mansions, and an abundant supply of luxury condos with spectacular views and amenities. In the past few years, Miami Beach has had tremendous demand as a major destination for millions of tourists visiting each year. Apart from being a top tourist destination, Miami Beach has also attracted the attention of famous celebrities, athletes, and wealthy investors from around the world for its luxury Real Estate- including incredible and modern Miami Beach Homes and Condominiums.

Miami Beach Real Estate is comprised of the island communities and luxury condos in South Beach, Mid - Miami Beach, and North Miami Beach. The South Beach area's single family island communities include Star Island, Palm Island, Hibiscus Island, Sunset Islands 1 - 4, and Fisher Island. Additionally, the The Venetian Islands chain connects the city of Miami Beach to downtown Miami and includes the islands of Rivo Alto, San Marino, San Marco, Di Lido, and Biscayne Island.  These island communities offer some of the most beautiful single family homes in South Florida. The most sought-after condos in Miami Beach are located in the South of Fifth Street Neighborhood in South Beach and include the ultra-luxury condominium buildings: Apogee, The Continuum South Beach, Icon Miami Beach, Murano Grande, The Murano at Portofino, and The Portofino Tower.

Miami Beach provides a unique lifestyle that is almost impossible to find in any other city in the world. Residents of Miami Beach have easy access to the famous white-sand beach's with spectacular water views of the Atlantic Ocean. Vacationeers come to this vibrant city to enjoy outdoor activities such as boating, fishing, skiing, dining at famous restaurants, incredible new theatre facilities such as The New Performing Arts Center off Lincoln Road, and the amazing nightclubs that South Beach has to offer.

The city of Miami Beach has a limited supply of buildable waterfront land, which makes this an appealing long-term real estate investment. One of the benefits of buying property in Miami Beach, and most especially in South Beach, is that the Art Deco league architectural preservation laws passed a few years ago prohibit tearing down historic buildings.  Also, Miami Beach city codes have very restrictive height limitations, which prohibits new construction from going any taller than ten stories (or even less in certain areas of South Beach).  A key component of future price appreciation for Miami Beach real estate will be determined by future supply, which is severely restricted by these building and architectural codes passed by the city of Miami Beach in the late 1990's.

Currently, Real Estate prices in Miami Beach have come down significantly due to an oversupply of luxury homes and condos as a result of the recent financial crisis. Miami Beach Homebuyers will have a large variety of choices in of both waterfront and non-waterfront homes available for sale.  Recently renovated Miami Beach homes on the waterfront island communities offer breathtaking views of the Ocean ,the city of Miami Beach, the amazing city lights of Downtown Miami, and the cruise ships sailing from the Port of Miami, directly adjacent to the magnificent skyline of Downtown Miami.